Our approach and  why we are different from the other drum makers

Outlaw prides itself on the fact that each and every drum we build is handmade- from start to finish. The cool thing about that ?  No two drums are every exactly the same and  each one has it's own unique personality and charm!  

Each drummer has their own musical voice, so why wouldn't you want to own your own identity by playing on a unique and handmade instrument?   Most drummers gravitate to the major manufacturers because their favorite players use them, or because of Brand recognition- we get it. Outlaw isn't a household name yet in the world of drums, but we will be, because we listen to our customers an create custom drums to meet their specific needs.  

At Outlaw, we utilize two building methods;  Stave and Segmented construction for our shells. We find the tonal values of the varies species of woods we use are more accurately represented and a more true sound realized.  All of the wood we use is hand-picked by Michael Outlaw to ensure only the finest drums are produced with his name on it.  

One of the concepts that we are most proud of is our dedication to seeking out any opportunity to repurpose wood from old buildings, houses, floors or anywhere in which the wood is of the highest quality and would otherwise be left to rot away.  In doing this, we strive to bring life back into that  existing wood and limit having to cut down living trees any chance we get.  Another reason for repurposing the wood- anytime you can salvage  200-600 year old wood, the better that wood sounds in the finished drum.  Older, slow growing wood has a distinct tonal  difference than the farmed wood that is used in a lot of other drum manufacturers drums. The best reason we repurpose wood whenever we can?  It's a lot less stress on the environment and better overall for all of us. 

It is nearly impossible to advertise a "list" price on our drums is simply because each drum is handmade, and in doing so, variables arise that we can not predict, or specifications from our customers that add time and costs to a specific drum.  Outlaw is committed to offering the most value for your hard -earned dollar, and we are working on different manufacturing processes that will enable us to offer more uniform line of drums, like our new Bandit and Phantom Series.  These series, although consistent in nature, ( Maple for the Bandit, Acrylic for the Phantom), they will still be customizable to meet our customers needs.  By offering these uniform lines of drums with no custom touches, ( although still available),  we are able to know our exact costs and therefore sell at fixed pricing. 

Outlaw is constantly seeking out new challenges, and will be launching it's first ever metal line of drums called the Showdown Series.  We are also exploring new lines of drum sets and wood species, and always open to suggestions from our customers.  Michael loves trying out new drums, so who knows- maybe you will create the next Outlaw drum!!