Weathered Heart Pine Reborn Snare Drum features a soild  wood shell made from reclaimed Heart Pine wood found in barns, homes, mills, or bridges built before 1900. This century-old wood has seen quite a bit of American history along its way, and has been left with a weathered texture on the exterior. 
This vivid exterior siding captured on the side of the snare drum speaks for itself! 500 to 600 years of wind, snow, or rain can’t destroy it. The beauty restored is ready for another a fine percussion instrument. It has its own unique sounds and characteristics. Because of the high resin content, heart pine drums are warm sounding with distinct resonance. The resin gives these drums a full body sound with lots of sensitivity. The ghost notes are very clear. This is a great all around snare for articulate drummers and power house drummers. Great for all genres of music.

If you are a serious drummer or collector this signature Outlaw Drums series is the drums for you. This series uses centuries-old wood that gives a blast of projection and clarity that is in direct relationship with the high resin content from the slow growth timber most of which was in the North American forests in the 1600s. Once this wood is gone it's gone.