Jayda was born in December 2005 and is an independent drummer based in Ontario, Canada.


In 2017, when Jayda was 11 years old, her brother got an electronic drum kit and that’s when Jayda first decided to give the drums a try. She instantly fell in love and hasn’t stopped drumming since.  


During the first year of her drumming journey, Jayda’s mom taught her how to read sheet music and that’s how she first learned how to play the drums on her own. She then took 30 minute lessons once a week for about 3 months. Jayda has been drumming on her own ever since and has gained an incredible amount of loyal supporters in the social media community who she loves interacting with.


In the 2 1/2 years that Jayda has been drumming, she’s received several endorsement opportunities and is currently endorsed by Los Cabos Drumsticks, TnR Products as well as Outlaw Drums. 


Jayda has very quickly realized that her passion is drumming and now loves motivating, inspiring and creating drum videos to entertain people all over the world.



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Jayda Hansen- Canada