I have an idea on what I want but don't see it on your site. Can you make it for me?

Outlaw- Absolutely!!  That's what Outlaw is known for- building truly custom drums. All we would need is some discussions on what you want and then we will make up some basic artwork to confirm.  Once we get your approval, we go to work on building your drum. 

How long does it take to make a custom drum?

Outlaw- Great question!  There are a few variables that come into play; how much custom work is being requested, ( custom artwork, sizing, wood type, workload, etc.)  Since these are truly handmade, those variables can dictate the time frame, but we typically can turn around a drum within 2 weeks. 

I see a snare I like on here. Can I get an entire set to match?

Outlaw- Of course!!  If we can make the snare, we absolutely can make the rest of the kit for you in just about any sizes you want!

Do you offer endorsements?

Outlaw- Yes we do. We are always looking for new and exciting talent to form lasting  partnerships. We have an endorsement application under the Outlaw Artist Tab. Our Artist Relations Representative reviews all applications and is constantly on the lookout for the next Outlaw Artist!!

Can you do custom colors?

Outlaw- Yes we can!!

How much does a snare drum cost?

Outlaw- We have a few new series of snares that should have a uniform cost, but it's nearly impossible to quote a specific  price for a custom snare until all the details are known.  Once we have all that information, we can then calculate all the internal and external factors that go into pricing a drum.  The drums we list  in our store have gone through that process and are listed at our sale price.