Devonte Gray - USA

Devonté Gray, better known by his stage name  D-Tay Musick, is a native of Valdosta Georgia. Devonté was born May 1992 and resides in Orlando, FL. for the past 6 yrs. He is married to Gwendolyn Gray.

Devonte Gray has been playing drums for over 20 yrs. He started playing drums at very young age in his church. His passion and love for music grew at that point and still remains today.

Living in Orlando has allowed Devonte to experience a lot of opportunities such as: Opening up for R&B singer Monica, Female Rap artist Trina, and Gospel artist Beverly Crawford. 

Devonte Gray is an advocate for giving back to the community. He has played for several charities like: The NAACP, Martin Luther King Parade, and “Let’s Kick Asthma”. Currently he is apart of Dream City and “Change Your Community” outreach program which impacts low income families. Dream City also provides a safe place where children can be developed in areas such as: Dance, Acting, Character Building and Music. 

He has matured as a musician to be the best version that God has called him to be.

Devonte’s main goal is to pass down what he has learned to inspiring up and coming drummers. As he builds his brand, “The Gray Legacy”, He wants to be known by his unique sounds and passion for music. 

You can find Devonte Gray currently drumming for, The Vibe Band (Deltona,FL) and City Of Life Ministries (Orlando, Fl). 

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