Part 3 She is Finished!

Part 2 Building the shell

Best in Show Namm 2020 

What does it sound like 

We are trying something new​  picking out the shell

How to change the drum heads.

What happens when a Revolutionary New Technology meets an American Wood Icon?? 

 Simply stated…........ 
“A Revolution”!!!

 But what does “A Revolution” look like? 

 But what does “A Revolution” sound like? 

 But what does “A Revolution” feel like? 

 A perfect blend of beauty and brawn which has been part sculpted by nature and part chiseled by man.  The end result is a beauty that can not only be seen and a sound that can not only be heard, but one in which both can be... felt! With Welch Tuning Systems bringing a new sense of “ease and comfort” for instant and effortless drum tuning that has never been experienced before... this is definitely a drum unlike any other you have seen, touched, played, experienced, or tuned. To us this drum can only be described as a majestic piece of art that has been designed, painted, and crafted through a combination of nature, man, and machine. A “one of a kind” collaboration that is pushing through the boundaries of just what we think a drum can do and just what we think a drum can be!

There is… nothing else like it!!

Because of the pre-release interest already shown, please allow for a 2 month wait time on average.


Shell Material: Black Walnut
Bearing Edge: 45°inner with a 1/4" roundover outer.
Reinforcement Ring: No


Dunnett George Way "Beer Tap" Throw-Off and Butt Plate. Compact and lightweight. Both throw-off and butt plate mount via a single bolt. An indexed strainer mechanism prevents tension backing off. Fitted with quick snare release.

Hardware Material: Steel
Hoop type: Die-Cast
Lugs: None (Revolutionary Pulley System)
Internal Muffler: No
Snares: Steel

Heads: Evans
Finish Type: Natural/Smooth
Country of Origin: United St

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