Ever since I started drumming I dreamed of having a beautiful custom wood snare and after months of doing research on finding what company to go for I finally came down to Outlaw Drums! That dream finally came true yesterday when a certain package arrived on my door step. Opening it up I was blown away with how gorgeous it looked, felt, and even smelled! But playing it oh my goodness now that was truly amazing it is just so versatile and fits into what I play, it easily exceeded my expectations I could go on and on haha thank you so much!!!!
Nick Hanley 

I love the beaters and this snare is absolutely amazing. Heart Pine dressed in black nickel hardware(just added the diecast for that extra fat sound.) 14x6.75. I sure was turning heads today. Thanks again Michael Outlaw!
Mike DelleFemineā€Ž 


Ray Cavender Gorgeous....just plain gorgeous. Your drums are the new Cadillac in my opinion.
My newest addition to my drumset! I couldn't be happier with my choice of drum company! Michael Outlaw owner of outlawdrums.com, makes some absolutely beautiful looking and sounding drums! This drum specifically is a 14X7, black walnut with maple inlays segmented drum, with all black chrome hardware and a trick throwoff!

 Yup sounded great. Tuned it low and used it in church this morning and it sounds like a big-o-fat snare. Just what I was hoping for. The craftsmanship is incredible.
Ed Lorenz

Well she arrived safe and sound and here is my first impression before I start on the write up and YouTube clip reviewing the drum.
Hands down by far the most amazing snare drum I have ever played especially with as much history in the wood, it's incredible.

Took the drum to my local drum shop and the staff and the odd customer were in awe of just the appearance of the aged beauty. Tuned the drum to a low pitch and BAM....baseball bat to a meat pie with a woody crack and needless to say it got everyone's attention. Brought the tuning up and with no muffling at all and it was the sound of the century and was a pleasant dryness with a perfect balance of slight overtone and a rim shot that could be heard around the world. I find one important test when it comes to a snare drum and that's the cross stick and with very little influence it was amazing and would be by far the best I have ever heard.
I won't say to much more but please pass on my regards to Michael and staff and of course yourself for the amazing work on one outstanding piece of art.
Richie Jarvis
Session drummer
Teacher of Drum Chaos


 I am the proud owner of this snare, I`m extremely satisfied with it. Video or pictures do not do it justice, have to be seen in person., I received it and I am very pleased with it. Great attack and full sound  great sounding snare. Thank you Michael.
Marty French III

So I got a knock on my door this morning and it was the post office... I opened the box, and fell in love! Wow, Michael-- this one is even more beautiful than the 14" x 7" and that's no small feat, since that one is absolutely gorgeous!! wink emoticon Thank you again for all of your help... and for your amazing work/products. I am a very happy customer and I will most assuredly push your name around as much as I can. Someday, maybe I'll even come visit you guys, as I would love to see your operation. smile emoticon
David Paunonen

Hey Michael! That forest fire kit looks amazing. I'm still loving my heart pine snare.
Ryan Cathey