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Just finding an affordable price for a drum kit is hard. When you find a drum kit do you want a drum kit you don't really care about that costs $1500, or do you want a kit to pass down the gift of music to your kids and their kids? Built by hand one at a time.

Let's compare wood working items: If you buy a hand built table from solid wood it would cost between  $1500-$3500 vs a $200-$600  particle board table you can buy from the local chain furniture store. Yeah, you can eat off of both and they both serve the purpose; however, you obviously get what you pay for. A hand built dinner table is a piece of furniture that is a center piece when entertaining guests, not just an assembly line made, run of the mill table anyone can buy at any chain furniture store.

So what is the difference when a drummer picking out that kit to be the center of attention. You need to compare apples to apples. First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a low cost drum kit that is built on an assembly line, that is perfectly fine. Just know what the differences are before choosing an assembly line instrument in comparison to a hand made instrument.  Outlaw Drums are custom hand made instruments built from the love of music.  No two drums are alike in appearance or sound, they are close, but the fact human hands construct every Outlaw Drum, no two are alike.  Outlaw Drums is not the only company who builds drums one at a time by hand with precise care and precision, Dunnett, Craviatto, Angel, Stanbrige, Carolina, etc. are a few different high end custom drum companies.  Yes, from a distance a table looks like a table, but take a look under a big chain store table. There is a big difference between a laminated veneer table and a solid handcrafted mortise and tenon table. The same with drums; it looks the same from a distance but flip it over, get close, and really look at the construction. Plus, hear the pure natural wood tone of our hand built drums. Not to say companies don't put a high price for name brand sake even on lower end products.  The real custom driven companies take pride in every build and the end product will show the passion the maker has for his instrument.