‚ÄčHere is a few recent testimonials I just got

I love my new beaters and have been raving about them in Australia.


Hi Michael!
The snare arrived and it's beautiful!  It's a birthday gift for my son, a drummer and percussion music major in college.  I think he will love it!  I will let you know what he thinks about the sound of it as well.  He likes to collect unusual snare drums, especially with wood grain detail.  
Thank you!!
Debbie Wilhelm

They're awsome, what a dramatic difference they make. And I got one of your snare drums from my local guitar center. It looks like burnt pine, super badass. Thanks
scott willard. 

 I'm loving the beater! My band mates even noticed more punch and slap. 
Thanks again,

Michael, I love it. It offers the perfect boom. Mallet rolls sound like a tympani.

I am now dreaming of building an booming Outlaw kit 1 stave drum at a time that would look like this . . .
Couldn't afford the entire kit all at once.
Much peace,
Phill Freebourn <')))))><

I love love love them. Haven't taken them off my Sleishman Twin pedals since they arrived. Great response. Perfect weight. 
Thank you.
John Giambalvo

I have been enjoying my snare and cajon very much.   They both amazing and I am constantly getting complimented by how great they look.   I appreciate all you have done for me.   I have been playing locally here in Naples with my buddy Zac.   Check us out at:  zacsperrymusic.com as well as facebook and instagram (Zac Sperry Music).  I also attached a couple pictures of what I have been using lately.   Thank you again!
Ryan Cathey

Hi Michael,
 The beater looks, sounds, weighs, smells & feels awesome. Thanks again man well done!!!!
I adjusted the attack by cutting a sand/cork disc from an Axis beater in the shape of the Outlaw. 
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