What is an Endorsement?

An endorsement is giving public support to a company and/or artist.  It should be a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties enjoy greater success working together.

An endorsement is not a promise of free drums!

Outlaw Drums is always looking for new and exciting drummers as partners in success.

Do you have what it takes to be an Outlaw?

Still interested in a partnership?  Do you meet any of the requirements above? Click the application below.

3 levels of endorsement opportunities

Level 1 -  Partners & Educators

Non-exclusive agreements offering discounts on all products starting at 5%.  The percentage increases 1% with every referral drum or kit sale up to 20% every year.  

Requirements: 10 public performance a year, social media following of 1000 or more followers, studio owner or professional engineer, and/or 10 drum students per month.

Level 2 - Sponsorship 

Non-exclusive agreement offering 20% discount on all products.  Listed on our Outlaw Artists Page.

Requirements: Minimum of 25 live performances per year, 10K+ social media followers, frequent posts  

Level 3 - Influencer

What you get: Top listed artists on our page.  Influencer agreements are specific to the artists involved and will be contracted for optimal benefits.

Requirements: 50K Followers on Social Media, National touring or recording artist

** Discounts apply to all orders including those already on sale! All orders placed under the artist program must be placed through the artist rep team**

Remember!  This is a partnership and the Outlaws are always checking in on our artists to show and receive support!  All non-exclusive agreements can be ended at anytime.  Make sure you show your Outlaw love live and online!