We offer a different variety of endorsement options. We commonly offer a snare or full kit endorsements. If you are interested in applying for an endorsement please fill out the forms below and send the completed forms to derrick@outlawdrums.com. You may also send a resume detailing your experience to help further review your request.  We very rarely offer free drums as an endorsement; however, we commonly offer discounted prices for endorsements. Keep in mind, all our drums are custom handmade instruments, which due to the nature of the construction are one of a kind. We can copy colors, design, etc. but like camouflage it is next to impossible to perfectly replicate anything we produce.  The terms and level of any and all endorsements are subject to opinion of Outlaw Drums and it's employees..

All forms must me completed and returned. A resume may be submitted with the forms.

Email derrick@outlawdrums.com